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Farma Veterinary Clinic, was established by four experienced veterinary enthusiasts back in 1996. Initially, our services were mainly focused on large animals, aiming to resolve health and technological issues in breeding and usage. Throughout the years, we have consistently strived to persuade breeders to provide the best possible care for their animals.

At the beginning, there were four employees, but as the workload increased, especially in the area of pets, the number of staff grew. Currently, our company employs eight veterinary doctors and external collaborators. We all put in efforts to ensure the well-being of animals through appropriate treatments. Equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as ultrasound, X-ray, blood and hematological analyzers, and ultrasonic dental scaler, we are committed to delivering high-quality veterinary care

Bojan Šolinc, dr. vet. med – DIRECTOR

Janko Juhart, dr. vet. med

Uroš Hrastnik, dr. vet. med., spec. in  bujatrics

Anže Turk, dr. vet. med.

Marta Caftan, dr. vet. med.

Maja Holček, dr. vet. med.

Drago Goručan , dr. vet. med.

Jernej Pšeničnik, dr. vet. med.