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Time for your animal

First in Slovenia.
100% custom made.
Light, durable & waterproof.

27 years of experience!

In those years we gain knowledge and experiences in the field of small and large practice.

Love for animals.

Vsi s ciljem, da pomagamo živalim.

Doctors of Veterinary Medicine

Every day we try to acquire new knowledge and follow the innovations in the world of veterinary medicine.

Quality pet care. Even with those ridiculous neck cones.

Animals have been human companions since ancient times. In ancient times, man used animals for his bare survival, but now they serve him for entertainment, relaxation and obtaining economic benefits.

The company Farma, veterinary clinic d.o.o. we were founded by 4 experienced veterinary enthusiasts back in 1996. In the beginning, our services were mainly aimed at large animals and solving health and technological errors in breeding and use. We always strive to convince breeders to provide the animals with the highest quality care possible.


The best care for four-legged friends

Our team of veterinarians strives to ensure the best well-being for each animal.


Come, sit, good boy!

We try to make you and your pet feel well and safe. We use various tricks to charm little furry ones.


Vet values

HONESTY: We are always honest with our customers.

COMPASSION: Empathy and harmony with clients, patients and co-workers.

RELIABILITY: Always available to clients and colleagues.

PROGRESSIVENESS: Open to new things and constantly upgrading knowledge.

CONSISTENCY: Maintain continuity of care.

For an active and pain-free life